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Marks and symbols that are often mysterious and undefined are an important part of Tàpies' artistic language. 'The meaning of a work depends on the cooperation of the viewer.

The letter T, cross or plus sign is one of his most recurring and elusive motifs. Those people who live without inner images, lacking imagination and the necessary His works often blur the line between painting and sculpture.

Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are below 50F and above 39F.

For all Koi and pond fish Legacy Variety Mix is the answer for how to feed a complete blend of fruits, greens, carbohydrates, protein, wheat germ, vitamins and probiotics to your koi and pond fish.

An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health.

Koi need a special combination of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to achieve maximum growth in your water garden.

This sign allows multiple interpretations, is it meant to be religious or mathematical? He has '…always considered a painting as an object, not as a window as people usually do.' In Protuberancies / Protuberances (2009) rotund forms protrude from the wood, bubbling and swelling as if part of a lunar landscape.

Tetra pond food sticks have been specifically developed by Tetra to give pond fish a complete, balanced diet as they contain all the animal and vegetable protein that your fish need.

His choice of materials continues to be unconventional.

Humble, everyday objects such as cloth, brooms, and newspaper are incorporated onto canvas or wood panels, alongside the more traditional media of paint, ink and pencil.

Tetra Pond Growth Food for Koi has been specifically created from painstaking research to stimulate streamlined growth, as well as looking after the Koi's general well being.

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It is a particularly good food during the warm summer months when the fish are able to grow more quickly.

Generally, new fish are "shy" until they become more familiar with their surroundings. Protein 36% With Added Color Enhancers In the late spring when the warmer temperatures arrive, koi and goldfish need a boost of protein for growth since they depleted their fat reserves over the winter.