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The titular appellation of the highest class of the nobility of Java. A frequent name of persons in Java, meaning beautiful colour or complexion. Kusuma is a flower, but used as an epithet for any thing excellent ; it implies, also, a royal pedigi-ee or descent. A compoimd epithet given to the capitals of the native princes of Java, meaning " the excellent of the eaa-th." Adipati (s). It was established in Java, and still sub- sists there, with the discrepancy pro- duced by the substitution of lunar for solar time. Future, belonging to the next world ; hour of death. Literally, "king Saka;" no doubt the founder of the era which goes by his name, and which reckons in one part of India 78, and in others 79 years after the birth of Christ. Name of a gi-ass with odo- rous roots, A ndropoijon •nniricatus.

Our old word ■' aye," m old orthography always written " I," may have a similar origin. Acknowledgment, admission, avowal, confession; warranty, security; bail. To acknowledge, to avow; to secure, to attest ; to bail. Promise ; agreement, contract : affirmation, attestation, con- firmation ; to confess ; to promise.

To urge, to press ; to stimulate, to excite ; to provoke ; to challenge ; to invite. To teach ; to leam ; teacher, in- structor ; a learned man ; a devotee, a hei'mit, a recluse, an ascetic.

Teaching, instruction; advice, counsel ; admonition, reproof. To teach, to instruct ; to ad- vise, to counsel ; to admonish, to re- prove.

To feign or threaten to strike, making a demonstration.

Name of the alga or sea-weed, which is a considerable article in the Chinese trade, Plocaria Candida, Agas. This is the word which Eu- ropeans have corrupted into junk and applied to the large vessels of the Cliinese.

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