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17-Jan-2019 19:30

Busty women usually (or it seems to me to be usually) interpret this as staring at their chest.

So, I've learned that if I have to look away, to look a bit upward and the the side.

She's never succeeded, as they tend to drag her down with them.

Sometimes I think she sort of takes what she can get, because so called "normal" people think she's strange, and her dating pool is rather limited because of it.

I feel very sorry for her, because she is a wonderful, giving person, but she just doesn't see things from a rational perspective, and this has caused her a lot of pain.

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Which I've found almost as annoying as people who occasionally tell the truth and occasionally lie.

Hi, I admire you're courage and fortitude, believe me, dating is complicated for everyone. He just operates with a different perspective (why should there be only one? You communicate really well, better than some w/o Asperger's! I didn't realise what was wrong until about 4-5 years ago.

One girl I talked to on another site with Asperger's got married last year. I have found that it is easier to force myself to maintain longer eye contact if the light level is lower. In the past I would usually look away by looking down (floor).

I once had a pair of glasses which changed tint according to light levels, but I had never got them for that purpose.

I always thought that was deceptive, which goes against the need for honesty that drives me.

Even if their IQ as high as ours, or higher, things can still get screwed up. We probably don't (or maybe it is just me, I don't know). Well, going on soccer tournaments quickly brought the truth out, yes I snore.

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