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In fact, if you’ve got a mobile device accessing your email, you might be using IMAP already, as it’s a very common default configuration for mobile email programs.Each program using IMAP to access your email is simply keeping itself in sync with the master copy.The down side is the more or less constant connection that’s best used, as well as the fact that email accumulates on the email server unless deleted, which can sometimes cause email accounts to exceed storage quotas. Being computers, “exact” means just that – a specific and formal language that both sides of the conversation must adhere to.Mail protocols might specify authentication methods, ways to identify specific messages, recipients, senders, and what should happen to a message being transferred.Check out my article How do Gmail labels relate to folders? In my opinion, this is an under-appreciated feature of IMAP.If you place a message in your inbox on a machine that is connected to your email account via IMAP, that message is and placed in the master copy on the server. Set up a PC-based email program with an IMAP connection to each, and simply drag and drop the contents of the old inbox to the new. Let’s say you access Gmail via the web and only via the web.The last four years’ worth of email in my personal account uses a little over 40% of the 25 gigabytes of storage provided by Gmail.

you can certainly have more than one computer open up a view.By default, when a download is complete, the email resides only on the PC to which it was downloaded.This “copy, not move” difference between IMAP and POP3 enable a couple of very interesting things.See also: SMTP for sending mail, and IMAP for accessing email without removing it from the email server.

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POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3), works in some fundamentally different ways, and makes a few fundamentally different assumptions.

For example, your email program may very well actually download a copy of all newly arrived email to your PC. You’re still looking at your email as it lives on the mail server’s repository, but your email program has optimized the experience by downloading the email so it can be accessed and displayed more quickly. When IMAP downloads your email, it is of data, ideally kept in a different location than the original.