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It’s a shame when family photos go unwanted and unloved! Here’s a photo of him with Dad and others at Dad’s Grand Opening of the Westland Gas Station on Nov. The names, faces and comments about our special place warms my heart.

As I have aged to an extent I did not anticipate, I find the posts more and more valuable.

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Because of the burn marks and debris generated from shooting off these fireworks, we do not allow them in our premises. Gary It’s rather interesting to hear about how my little BB gun story brought Bill Grimme to dig out his old gun and spend time remembering.

I replied to Kaye and forwarded messages to both Tom Hagen, Orvin’s brother, and Donnie Nelson, Orvin’s (son) Nephew. On the back of the photo Grandma wrote “Ole Hagen, Sr.

In his 90’s he was delivering meals on Wheels, in the blizzards, in Kindred, ND. When you mentioned something about photos we would like posted in your blog, I happened to think of the MANY old photos I inherited from my Grandma Thelma (Torgerson) Emerson. So I thought I would do a good deed and send it the good old fashioned “snail mail” way to someone who is descended from OR related to one of the people in this photo.

There was only one Orvin Hagen and there will never be another Orvin Hagen, ever, on the face of this earth. With all of his community activities, he burned the candle at both ends. He was the head Gardner at the Peace Garden for, my guess, 25 plus years. Congratulations, Gary on the 10 year anniversary of your Dunseith Alumni blog! And even though I’m not part part of the Dunseith Alumni, you were kind enough to let me join and even post. I really do enjoy reading other peoples’ posts, as well. And I remembered one that I have that is not part of my family.

flowers, baking, gardening, crops, livestock, Arts and crafts and the list goes on.

Here is some family background if it helps you figure out if you’re descended from these men: The first one to contact me will receive the photo.