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The quality and quantity of content are undeniably better this time around, which is in itself an impressive feat.One of the complaints about Season 1 was some of the sloppiness behind certain releases (delays and music videos that never materialised were a problem that did plague it from time to time), and Season 2, a month in, has so far done so well as to avoid those issues.$(document).ready(function () ); function change Today Text(elem) { change Text By Next Prev(elem); if (j Query(elem) !Space Opera with several relatively Hard Science Fiction aspects in the 31st century.It’s somewhat fitting that at the centre of SM Station Season 1 is perhaps the company’s most influential and celebrated group.

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In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

No other project has really reached the scale and ambition of Station in the K-pop world, thanks to the constant output of songs from the label, which featured a huge proportion of the company roster across a huge variety of genres, and even more brilliantly, collaborations with people outside of SM.

Entertainment spent 2016 working on a really interesting initiative, SM Station, which had the label release a single every Friday for a whole year.

Named after Schlock, an alien shaped like a pile of poo with eyes and a mouth who joins "Tagon's Toughs", a space-faring mercenary outfit.

The cast includes the aforementioned Kaff Tagon, The Captain of the group, Commander Kevyn Andreyasn, inventor of the "teraport" system and all-around Mad Scientist, Ennesby, a former virtual boy band-turned-ship's AI, and many others.

This is a universe where the only respected authority is the one with the larger gun—in other words, the perfect environment for a mercenary company.

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