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20-Jun-2019 06:35

Come sponsor your company, just you won’t have a table to lounge at.This change has gotten us excited about running our seventh Dev Ops Days, and we bet you’ll love it! If you have been keeping up with the news, there has been a rash of Navy ships colliding with other ships causing fatalities. The TL; DR is that you can say “human error” all you want, fire someone, and call it case closed, but these accidents are a systemic amount of understaffing of Naval surface ships and massive undertraining and maintenance that is a leading indicator of even worse to come should an actual wartime deployment be necessary.We’re reducing the size of the event, and focusing more on local, motivated practitioners. (We won’t have zero sponsors, we just put our sponsor page up and someone bought in the first hour it was live.) As we get more funding we’ll pump up the event, but deliberately focus on the core experience of highly skilled techies learning from each other, instead of adding distractions. Other events will use other formats and that’s fine.Here at Do DA we try something different every year!This time when we talked about it, first in our core group and then with the rest of the 2017 organizers, we realized that we’ve been concentrating on “bigger” but we’ve been putting more and more money and effort into the parts of the event that aren’t really of high Dev Ops value.Here in Texas, it’s easy to conflate bigger with better, since we’re both the biggest and the best! Many of the more expert people we know here in Austin don’t really come out to the event any more, unless they are giving a talk or recruiting for their current gig.Part of our continuing trajectory to make Do DA more all encompassing and awesome. Why are we, personally, putting in huge amounts of unpaid work to serve the community?

Talks are either pretty familiar from the conference circuit or also designed for new folks.

Last year we went big with a vengeance, and it was cool.