College consolidating credit degree

24-Feb-2019 06:14

It’s no secret that students can rack up debt at costly private universities.

What is shocking: 61 percent of this country’s indebted women didn’t go fancy.

Shrinking state budgets are only part of the issue, as Morgan Atteberry, now 21, learned when she arrived in 2014 at the University of Georgia on a state-administered HOPE scholarship.Adding to the frustration: The football team can’t manage to fill its stadium.Student Debt: ,120 In high school, Kara lived in a homeless shelter. Last summer, the double major in music therapy and psychology slept on friends’ couches so her entire Pizza Hut paycheck could go to school bills.Cruelly, the swap may leave her in debt longer: The average special ed teacher makes ,000, while pharmacists can pull in 2,000.

In cases like Morgan’s, the rules seem clear-cut — keep up your GPA and keep your money.

Like Erika, they attended public colleges, according to an analysis of government data by Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, a website that helps students make informed college decisions.

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