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B.1 Summarize the outcomes of Gregor Mendel’s experimental procedures. B.2 Differentiate among the laws and principles of inheritance (dominance, segregation, independent assortment). B.3 Use the laws of probability and Punnett squares to predict genotypic and phenotypic ratios. B.4 Examine different modes of inheritance (sex linkage, codominance, crossing over, incomplete dominance, & multiple alleles. B.5 Analyze the historically significant work of prominent geneticists. B.6 Evaluate karyotypes for abnormalities such as monosomy & trisomy.

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B.7 Compare and contrast primary succession with secondary succession. B.8 Identify the properties of each of the five levels of ecology: organism population community ecosystem biosphere EBR.9.(Hands-on) Identifying Unknowns with Cabbage Indicator Paper Natural p H Acid-Base Indicators Games: Chemistry Jeopardy Matter, Energy …

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