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A mint example of the first issue of this interesting map.

The map covers the area from the Cape of Good Hope and the Nile, through the Indian Ocean, India, China, and the wsetern Pacific Ocean.

The volume's important map of America is derived principally from Petrus Plancius' world map of the same year (1596). The 'board' comprised 153 squares containing small maps, arranged in a spiral, with a plan of Venice at the centre.

Virginia and the South-East are shown quite accurately for the time, following the then- state of the art maps of White and Le Moyne. de la buella (i.e., vuelta, or “River of the Return”) is probably the River St. Ganong in Crucial Maps in the Early Cartography and Place-Nomenclature of the Atlantic Coast of Canada (1964), p. Bellero’s map falls into Ganong’s “Chaves-Santa Cruz” archtype. Above the game were four larger maps of the continents, the rules, including the prizes and forfeits for landing on squares, and a dedication.

Often, the best roads to ride are the hidden gems you stumble across by chance, during an episode of losing your way from the road more travelled, only to be lost to romantic memory upon an attempt to relocate said road.

A few times I’ve attempted to retrace an unplanned detour of riding excellence only to find it’s seemingly vanished like some version of moto-Brigadoon.

It is preceded in use of the projection only by the separately-published map of Rosselli, which is known in only a few examples and was doubtfully of influence in this regard. One of the most compelling questions facing mapmakers in the first half of the sixteenth century was that of the relationship of the New World to the Orient. Gemma had added this map to Apianus Cosmographia, a text of great importance first published in 1524. de las gamas (“River of the Deer”) would be Penobscot Bay and River. *Courtesy Altea Maps, quoting "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76.Top 10 Best Motorcycling Touring Roads If you’ve ridden any of these routes or have suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear from ya.As motorcyclists, our thirst for the next epic ride is never quenched.After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.

Most of these I’ve traversed, but I attempted to avoid personal bias by including a few I’d like to add to my personal list of best roads ridden.

Very rare first issue of this early map of America. As was typical at this time, there is the uncommittal suggestion that New Zealand is part of Terra Australis. The great French explorer La Perouse reached the Philippines in February of 1787. On verso : map of Java (1535) Tabula nova Indiae orientalis & meridionalis. Waldseemuller, in turn, drew largely from such fifteenth-century sources as Martellus. A rare example apparently bound with a guard, and thus with a "perfect" centerfold, whereas most examples of the view always have some centerfold restoration because they were bound by being sewn through.

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