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27-Apr-2019 01:39

I’ve been getting a lot of letters lately from folks who’ve just had their hearts stomped on.

Maybe it’s just the season for it or there’s something in the air at the moment, but the number of “I’ve just gotten dumped, how do I get over it?

But whether you start burning that energy by working out or scribbling angry manic poetry or inventing the core of what ultimately becomes a world-dominating social networking platform, you want to find a channel and productive output for all of that energy.

It helps you process your pain faster and, ultimately, is healthier than sitting around stewing in your own resentment or eating your feelings instead.

Facebook – or so the legend on getting dumped and singing about it.

But even if you don’t run out and start pounding on the heavy bag or taking up running as a way to try to escape your inner demons, that anger, pain and depression can fuel some of the most profound creativity of your life.

Some of the best output in a creative person’s life comes from channelling that anger and frustration into their work; Chasing Amy, for example, was born out of Kevin Smith’s attempt to process his failed relationship with Joey Lauren Adams and remains his best movie…

I’ve seen this happen many times with other people as well – they’re determined to make some point about being mature or adult or reasonable and try to pretend that the obvious isn’t true.

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Here’s the thing that can be hard to admit: it’s you’re mad!

You’ve just been hurt deeply by someone you care about!

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