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23-Mar-2019 01:05

Well, we were promised a sit down, and Luann de Lesseps sure was seated during that interview. She's already got catchphrases like, "if you fall, make it part of the dance," and all we ask is that there's a bush on the cover, please and thank you.After Andy Cohen made his way to Luann's Sag Harbor house, skipped up the front steps, and joined her for some rosé in the kitchen like the intro to a fabulous cooking show instead of the intro to a dramatic interview about a divorce, he and Luann settled into a couple of wicker chairs in her back yard for their casual chat. I was a countess, so it's a brand that I own as Luann de Lesseps." She has a bedding collection coming out, y'all.17. (Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan) It sounds like either there are only a couple dozen rich women in New York, which we somehow doubt, or Tom D'Agostino was courting fame. It's also possible that Tom is just using this as an excuse, as if the divorce were his idea, rather than a result of his alleged impulsive and hurtful cheating.The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps can pinpoint the exact moment she knew her seven-month marriage to Tom D’Agostino was over.“We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time!” The reason for the move to Splitsville was not revealed.

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Remember when Bethenny Frankel talked about how Jason Hoppy was still tormenting her? (Considering how recently Jason Hoppy was arraigned on new stalking charges against her, that barely sounds like an exaggeration) If you'll recall, Bethenny was bringing up her situation to try to convey to Luann that just following her heart or her bliss is fine and well for Disney princesses but doesn't work out so well in real life.I've never seen her happier." De Lesseps was married to the Count from 1993 to 2009, and they share two children together Noel and Victoria.