Dating black people with herpes

08-May-2019 18:20

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Last week the Lord told me that it was time to put an end to this battle and give him all the glory, so I went and got tested for every STD in the book and every single test came back NEGATIVE. I now live everyday for him, giving him thanks for everything he has done for me. I want to post my testimony to help someone out there suffering from this disease.I want you to know that IT IS GODS WILL TO HEAL YOU.Well God took it upon himself to bring me out of that terrible relationship and I am forever grateful for that.After the breakup, I was completely empty and was on the hunt to find things that would fill my void.You can start over if you completely give it over to God.Jesus came for this purpose, all you have to do is believe! Stand on his words and the things he has promised us. I pray that my testimony helps someone out there that may be in a similar situation.Throughout this time, the devil was playing with my mind.Questions and thoughts like “God healed others, but he probably wont heal me” “Is it really his will to heal?

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After I read her testimony I started researching how to receive divine healing.

At first I just ignored it thinking that I could just be a common yeast infection, but then it started getting worse.