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Red 8" Bowls .75 Longaberger Club Basket 1999 JW Mini Two-Pie Plates .54 Longaberger Baskets Small, Medium, Large Peg Combos .01 Longaberger Incentive Basket 2004 Director Leader .62 6 Franciscan China Desert Rose Pattern 10" Soup Bowls .22 Longaberger Basket 1992 Season's Greetings Dog Bowl .06 Longaberger Basket 1998 Hostess Serving Tray Combo .02 3 Longaberger Baskets Small, Med.

Large Berry Combos .88 Signed Longaberger Mother's Day Basket Mom's Memories .75 Longaberger Basket 1999 Homestead Full Set .00 Longaberger Baskets 1998 Heartland Pantry Med. .99 Hummel Figurine Sunflower Boy 2219 Summer Days Scape .99 Weller Etna Pottery Morning Glory 6 1/2" Glazed Vase .97 4 Longaberger Pottery Small Loaf Pans Dishes Basket .77 Franciscan China Desert Rose Covered Vegetable Lid .51 4 Longaberger Mother's Day Baskets 1993, '94, '97, '99 .55 Longaberger May Baskets Lilly of, Morning Glory Combos .55 12 Franciscan China Desert Rose 6.25" Tumblers .50 Precious Moments Figurine How Can Two Work Together MIB .02 Longaberger Basket 2004 Hostess Appreciation Full Set .01 18 Longaberger Basket Muslin Liners Various Sizes .00 Longaberger Basket 1999 Large Picnic Riser .00 4 Longaberger Pottery Woven Trad.

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.88 Longaberger Basket 2004 Mother's Day Weekend Tote Combo .26 3 Longaberger Holiday Sleigh Baskets Runners .50 Precious Moments Figurine Grandpa's Island 129259 .00 Precious Moments Figurine We Have The Sweetest Times .10 Longaberger Basket 2000 Large Oval Waste Protector .01 8 Franciscan China Huntington 8.25" Soup Bowls .00 Longaberger Club Basket 2003 JW Mini Orig Easter Combo .00 32 Longaberger Berry Red Stripe Basket Liners Napkins .00 Longaberger Club Basket 2002 JW Mini Corn Combo .05 Longaberger Basket 1999 Hostess Homecoming Full Set .88 Longaberger Basket 2000 Newspaper WT Trad.Moretto 1192 7.50 Hummel Figurine Book Worm Bookend Boy 14/A TMK-7 7.50 101 Walt Disney Movie & Character Enamel Pins, Bambi 7.50 13 US Marine Corps Marching Band Toy Soldiers 6.00 Lot of 5 Czech Hand Blown Glass Figurines Santa 4.72 Brigade Miniatures Sudanese Khaliffa's Bodyguard Set 16 4.50 Large Hummel Figurine Little Fiddler 2/I TMK-6 4.49 Dinky Toys Die Cast P47 Thunderbolt No.

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