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Many of us have photographs that are undated but in past articles we have shown that it is often possible to establish the date by carefully comparing with other pictures of known date.Thanks to the goodwill of Family Chronicle ’s readers we were able to collect over 650 photographs of known date for this book.However, this problem was overcome in the early months of 1840.Exposure times were far slower than those of today but they were measured in seconds, not minutes. Because photographers were listed in local Trade Directories, a great amount of work has gone into listing them, by year, to see when the company was in business. Photographers (by Michael Pritchard) (477KB - whole book!We thought it might be interesting to show in detail how a photograph can be dated with a considerable degree of precision.The photo we chose (shown in the center) is of the Walter John Harwood family and was kindly supplied by Phyllis Libby Glynn.Military Photographs And How To Date Them Neil Storey offers advice on identifying military uniforms, badges, insignia, ranks, medals and the equipment worn by our military ancestors. Dating Old Army Photographs This book aims to help with the dating of army photographs from the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.It argues that much can be learned from such pictures, even...

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How To Get The Most From Family Pictures This comprehensive guide, in colour and illustrated with around 220 images, is essential reading for anyone researching their family pictures.

” Women, especially, would not be caught dead being photographed in an out-of-date outfit.