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Words of the Savioor to be used in administering, as nearly as |Kssible.

□ Colourad covars/ Couvartura da coulaur D Covars damagad/ Couvartura andommagte □ Colourad pawn / Pafas da coulaur Psgts damagtd/ □ Covars rastorad and/or laminaiad/ Couvartura rastaurte at/ou palliculia n Covar titia missing/ La titra da couvartura manqua □ Pagn rastorad and/or laminatad/ Pagas rastaurias at/ou pa Hiculias Pagas discolourad.

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It is Uturgically important to note STth S^ year saw the birth of congregational hymnody m • For slterstion.A request for the embodiment in the Prayer Book of the Calvinistic Lambeth Articles of 1595.