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A Middle Schooler at NYCHA’s Miccio Community Center in Redhook, Brooklyn, holds up a healthy relationship Valentine’s Day card that he made after a two-day workshop with OCDV’s NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy.Youth use what they learn in order to raise awareness about healthy relationships in their community.The internet can be a helpful support tool for victims of domestic violence to find information and share their stories. Use a gender-neutral user name on websites and do not share personal information.You can find many websites devoted to domestic violence by using an online search engine, but the quality and intent of the sites you find have to be determined by you. S., guns are often the weapons of choice for abusers, used in over 50% of all cases of domestic violence homicides.Generally, you can request a restraining order by filing a request at your local courthouse.Sometimes, specific courts-such as a family court-may be a more appropriate place to apply for a restraining order.Some examples of what a restraining orders can do include: It's important to remember that restraining orders are intended to protect a person from specific abusive behavior, so an order will touch on only those persons and activities that a court has been asked to cover. The main types of restraining orders are: A person who violates any one of these orders may be subject to civil or criminal penalties, including fines or incarceration. A person can get a restraining order if he or she has been the target of repeated abusive behavior and in an intimate relationship with another, either in the present or in the past.Such persons can be a current or former spouse or domestic partner, persons living together without a formal legal recognition of their relationship, or persons who have or had a dating relationship whether or not they ever lived together.

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Sign Up The OCDV DVAM calendar – find a list of events scheduled near you.The National Domestic Violence Hotline does not endorse or recommend products of services for which you may view a pop-up advertisement on your computer screen while visiting our site.The Hotline allows other websites to post links to but claims no responsibility for the content and opinions expressed on those pages.Restraining orders generally forbid another person from engaging in certain activities that affect the person who sought the order.

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It's important to note that restraining orders differ depending on the specific pattern of abuse. Different kinds of protective orders can be issued depending on the specifics of a person's situation.

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