Dating your rickenbacker

27-May-2019 05:01

It was likely his spare in case of problems with his Fender Thinline, since the constant modifications to that guitar likely meant higher chances of problems. Thom used this guitar during early touring for , Acquired in October or December 1995, and used by December Fifth of that year.

This guitar was used very frequently by Thom from OK Computer until In Rainbows, falling out of favor after Thom acquired his ‘64 SG.

During the same tour (2012), Thom also began to use the ES-330’s sister instrument: the Epiphone Casino.

2013 saw Thom’s preference for hollow-bodies cement, with Casino’s and ES-330’s serving as Thom’s primary instruments for that year's Used for the early On A Friday gigs and recordings.

On the 2012 tour, it was also used for certain alternate tunings (CGCGBE to play ), meaning that Thom could switch tunings quickly without the tone of his guitar changing. Acquired circa 1993 and used for touring from 1994 until October 1995, when the guitar was stolen along with the rest of Radiohead’s gear.

Thom removed the original pickguard when he added a humbucker pickup in the middle position.

This may be a second Ibanez, or Thom may have painted the guitar black. Used for a recording of Nothing Touches Me, possibly during the Drill EP sessions.

Though this photo mentions Thom playing guitar during the Drill EP sessions, another photo from the same sessions mentions him recording the On A Friday track Nothing Touches Me (Source).

It was not used nearly so much as the other SG (finding live footage where he plays the instrument is next to impossible), so it’s impossible to know how extensively he used it. The position of the pickup selector and position of the input jack attest to its model/year of origin show that it’s either a Standard Reissue II or III, and the knobs (speed knobs) show that it’s a Standard Reissue III.

Knobs seem unoriginal, but Ibanez may have changed them over the course of the guitar’s production run.

Thom may have sold it to buy one of his other guitars, or he may have the insturment locked up someplace in his house to this day.

He also plays a mean bass guitar, in a style which he admits is heavily inspired by Flea. From left to right: Gibson Les Paul(Jonny’s), Gibson ES-125T, Rickenbacker 330, Fender Jazzmaster No1, Fender Jazzmaster No2, Gibson SG No2, and Gibson SG No1.

Thom’s guitar setup for the 2010 Atoms for Peace Tour.

From left to right: Lakewood M14, Martin 00-18, Gibson ES330 No2, Fender Jazzmaster No3, and Fender Jazzmaster No2.

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