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08-Feb-2019 22:11

Health and safety hazards everywhere, really shouldn't be open to the public.

Staff are nice, seem friendly and welcoming and didn't take offence when offered feedback.

Guys this is going to be a good club if it gets finished but it’s curently not far from being a building site."We went tonight, the place will be amazing and has such massive potential, it is huge and will be one of the best clubs in the country without doubt. We were happy to pay the membership but felt £30 entry for a 60% Finnished club was a bit much and we had a word with the owner who offered us a full refund. If you are thinking of going I would say go, pay your membership and offer to pay £10 entry until it is finished. Thanks for the feedback, not sure they will offer £10 entry on mass once they realise that everyone is asking for it.

Would your report have been as positive if you had not got the refund?

If the blower and hard kit isn't fitted correctly, how can I be certain the water chemistry is safe?

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Met some great people, and had a really fun night, but this place is 2 months away from being ready unfortunately. Fingers crossed it gets finished as it is massive and it will be lots of fun"Well it certainly was a gamble for them to open last night, not sure it will have achieved what they expected from it.Is the pool/jacuzzi area nice and finished or still work to be done on this?

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