Foreigners in beijing dating

03-Apr-2019 04:18

I met many single women in Beijing, who were not single by choice.

It’s not that they are ugly, clingy, boring or have other major flaws, quite the contrary.

The slightly older, professional crowd is more equal opportunity, after the initial bout of yellow fever wears off.

It definitely is a myth that all Western guys prefer young Chinese girls.

If you are an outgoing person with a positive vibe and an easy smile, you may get hit on a lot. From my survey above you see that some Western gals find it easy to find sex in Beijing, others don’t.

You still need to be careful in the bar areas at night.Some guys, especially after a few drinks, may feel quite entitled and may not leave you alone.So don’t walk out of a bar or club alone, leave together with friends.Everyone seems to know everyone, or least knows them.

In some social circles casual relationships with other expats can be quite incestuous.

So why limit yourself to just one girlfriend when it is so easy to sample so many?