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She knew little of who her father was, only that it was another asari.

Liara is a pureblood, a fact she speculates to be a reason why her "father" seemingly did not wish to be identified.

As it turns out, Liara's knowledge of the Conduit isn't much at all, only that it was connected to the Prothean extinction.

Half a century of dedicated research caused her to uncover telltale patterns that hint to an ancient galactic coverup - unprovable, but her gut feeling tells her otherwise.

From an early age Liara became fascinated with the Protheans, seeing them as wondrous, mysterious figures.

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She already has a great deal of insight into the Protheans and is a highly trained user of biotics.Liara is shy and not used to lying, a trait Ashley Williams is tempted to take advantage of—"Want me to ask about her sex life?