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21-Mar-2019 08:57

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However, most modern human sexuality experts believe that the real answer is more complex than this.In fact, many of the possible reasons why women don’t have as many orgasms during casual sex have little to do with . Guys, good old-fashioned penile thrusting simply doesn’t get a lot of women off.STIs, or STDs as they’re still commonly referred, can be contracted during anal, oral and/or vaginal sex, as well as by heavy kissing and skin-to-skin contact.

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According to research conducted over a five-year period involving 24,000 students at 21 different colleges, twice as many men as women reached orgasm during their last experience with casual intercourse (80% of men versus 40% of women).

Be sure to also always talk with all of your sex partners about their sexual health histories and their general health.

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