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The same rules apply for our Helmets as they do our Snowboarding Goggles in our .We reviewed all of these helmets with comfort, durability, construction quality and design in mind. The Burton Anon Endure Snowboard Helmet is designed to take a lot of hits.The Burton Anon Striker Snowboard Helmet is the little brother to the Anon Endure.The Endura-Shell two-piece construction features injection-molded ABS and High Density Foam.It’s designed to take some hits over and over again while you build your arsenal of tricks during a park session while listening to music with a pair of .The passive ventilation (similar to the Anon Endure) draws air from the front and pushes moisture to the back, keeping you warm and comfortable, and most importantly dry while you build up a sweat.With VDSAP (Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration), air flows freely between both layers while still protecting your head from sharp objects with its double-shell system.

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By using a two-piece, durable shell and a semi-flexible design, the entire helmet is able to expand or contract to every rider’s individual head shape, giving them a truly integrated, custom fit and the lowest profile possible.

It also comes with adjustable venting with a Thermostat Control system to help keep you cool, Fidlock buckles for quick access, and an integrated but detachable camera mount for you Go Pro. I heard you like safety, so I put a helmet inside your helmet.