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I usually just ran through it, but I noticed since I have been taking the Stem Cell 100 my eye sight returned back to a level where I did not need glasses to work on my computer monitors. No other changes to lifestyle yet a measureable difference. I have a full body of hair that had virtually all turned grey but I noticed that some of my hair was starting regrow brown - my original colour.

My eyes had always been good but had started to deteriorate about a year ago where 50% of the time I had to wear my glasses. My fingers would sometimes get stiff in the mornings after long days on the keyboard. I had some age spots in my left leg that are disappearing. Harness the Power of Your Own Stem Cells Millions of people suffer from chronic conditions of aging and disease.

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That should be the goal of any effective stem cell therapy and is what Stem Cell 100 While fruit flies are not people they are more like us than you might think.I'm so excited about telling people my results because there is nothing that can reverse the graying of hair.It will give me evidence that this supplement thing is really powerful.As we age, our stem cell populations become depleted and/or slowly lose their capacity to repair. niches) around stem cells becomes less nurturing with age, so cell turnover and repair are further reduced.

This natural progression occurs so slowly that we are barely aware of it, but we start to notice the body changes in our 20s, 30s, 40s, and especially after 50 years of age.

Drosophila have a heart and circulatory system, and the most common cause of death is heart failure. mice), it is difficult to increase their lifespan significantly.