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24-May-2019 18:29

Janina Scarlet via Twitter @shadowquill, Facebook: https:// For a great look into how to incorporate "parts work" (working with your different emotions) into your overall well-being, you might look into Internal Family Systems, by Richard Schwartz.Also, great movie--especially the way Joy and Sadness work together to re-remember different things.The leading characters of the movie, however, aren’t Riley and her family, but Riley’s primary emotions – Happiness (Joy), Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.These emotions demonstrate what it might be like in the mind of an 11-year-old girl who struggles with having to move to a different city, away from her friends, away from her hockey league, and has a hard time pretending to be happy for her parents.However, Joy fails to see the importance of Sadness and tries to shoo Sadness away from anything Riley-related, forbidding this emotion in every way possible.

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And at the same time, the people around us might then experience a bitter-sweet sensation of compassion, caused by an activation of the compassion centers of our brain (the insula and the anterior cingulate cortex, among other structures), and the warmth of the heart caused by a release of a special “cuddle” hormone, oxytocin (so called because it is released when we want to or are in the process of hugging someone, or similar actions).

By being unable to experience her sadness about all these changes and pretending that she was ok, Riley ends up being angry, anxious, and irritable, getting into a fight with her parents and her best friend, before shutting down altogether.

In fact, it looks like Riley’s potential Adjustment Disorder might have turned into a full-blown Major Depressive Episode.

My daughter and son-in-law had been through a very sad experience about a year ago.

As the movie ended, I realized why they were back to see it the second time and why they had insisted I go. I don't believe this movie was too lighthearted, or was dealing with depression but more the appropriate way to deal with sadness.As an ordinary person, not a psychologist, I appreciated your review very much.

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