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Jake was initially an unlikely hero, but his checkered past helped in Jericho's trying times.He took charge of getting people to safety, and eventually people came to look upon him as a leader.He paid cash for the "Thompson house", leading to much gossip around the town about his background.Hawkins claimed he was a former police officer from St.Jake secretly worked with Robert Hawkins, whom he eventually saw as a friend, to get the last remaining nuclear bomb from the September Attacks to the Independent Republic of Texas, thus exposing the conspiracy behind the attacks.In doing so, however, Jake and Hawkins inadvertently started the Second American Civil War.Even though he failed in that, he still had one of the bombs, which could be used to uncover the conspiracy that started it all.Hawkins proves his loyalty to Jericho over the course of Season 1.

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Jake was once a member of Jonah Prowse's group of survivalists; and, after a botched armed robbery job, in which Chris Sullivan (Jonah's son and the brother of Jake's girlfriend, Emily Sullivan) was killed, Jake fled Jericho.

His history had estranged him from his wife and children; but, in truth, they are the only ones he cares about—when he realized the September Attacks were coming, his first thought was to get them to safety.