Josh hartnett dating katie holmes

21-Jul-2019 05:26

Katie Holmes, meanwhile, has been hanging out on the West Coast and shopping with her daughter, Suri Cruise, following their weekend visit to Tom Cruise on the Pittsburgh production site of One Shot.The debut of Katie's next acting gig is coming up, too, when the Halloween episode of How I Met You Mother, in which she plays the infamous "slutty pumpkin," finally airs.In 1999, he nabbed a role as the charming, yet conniving, Leo du Pres on the soap opera The tables were turned on heartthrob Duhamel during his first encounter with his admitted celebrity crush, Fergie.The two met when the Black Eyed Peas singer made a cameo appearance on Duhamel's TV show, , but a date took some convincing.His parents divorced when he was in the fourth grade, with Duhamel and his three sisters remaining with their mother.

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Following a move to Los Angeles, Duhamel began to seriously pursue acting.

Yes, we're talking now about The Cameron Diaz Story, and it's the tale of how a once widely beloved ingenue became the aggressively off-putting aunt we'd prefer to avoid at holiday parties.