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From: Rob To: Bill Adams Dear Bill, At this point, I need to inform you that all of our prior email traffic has been recorded by the Department of Homeland Security as part of their illegal wire tapping effort, Internet Fraud Containment Project. Under the DHS Article 15, Paragraph 6, Section 4.02E, you are hereby required to cease and desist all fraudulent activity.

I am in no rush to pick up the item till funds are clear at the bank. I will add the cost of supplies to your asking price with an extra offer for accepting my mode of payment thanks From: Rob To: Bill Adams Let’s talk more about this so-called “extra offer”.You will have to sign all document with them at the NOTARY moreso!!!!! I then explained the whole scam and the person said I was the third person this week to call them about this!11 for all your troubles or stress deduct 0 Save the check created and ready to print. Though this “Insticheck” website looks pretty amateurish, I can’t find anything on the internet that shows it to be illegitimate. However, the funding source of this guy’s transaction is out of left field. I asked him if he knew his company’s bank information might be compromised.Ali's showers are now only 25-minutes and do not involve any painful rituals.

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Kindly delete the advert of this item if my mode of payment is accepted. Also, there is a 10,000 volt security system that I had installed to ward off the drug lords. I’m not sure if UPS carries boxes big enough for a car. Do not worry — I will not drive your future Camry-to-be to the Office Mart.