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12-Feb-2019 14:07

Expert analysis: “The more you legalize marijuana, the more other drugs matter and become more profitable,” said Arturo Fontes, a former FBI agent and expert on Mexico’s drug cartels, “And right now nothing matters more than meth, heroin. Federal government employment was down by 100 jobs, or 0.3 percent.

This is why we’re seeing such a bloody year.” For ABQ 2018 will be ushered in with the same set of systemic problems that has forced so many to flee--rampant drug abuse, poverty and a demolished APD are all causes that have made ABQ #1 in the USA for property crime and the state #2 in the nation for violent offenses--many of which occur in the metro. Those government jobs are the ones with the best benefits and often the best pay.

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An especially gruesome discovery shook the city two days before Christmas--a decapitated body so brutalized at first its gender could not be determined.

What ensues is Spielberg’s own version of the 2015 award winning investigative journalism movie "Spotlight." Expect awards galore for writer Josh Singer, for actors Streep, Tom Hanks, who plays legendary Post Editor Ben Bradlee, and, of course, for the film itself. ([email protected]) How about an edition of reader Vox Populi hot off the presses to take us into the holidays? Reader Fred Moran writes of the outbreak of hostilities between the camps of Dem Guv contenders Jeff Apodaca and Rep.