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"The life expectancy is one of a Third World country at best.

The numbers are horrific in how early they die, how they die."Despite the difficulty of tackling the problem, Dart remains committed to the cause."You just can't throw your hands up," he said, likening the child sex trade to a life of slavery.

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"When you try to come up with numbers as far as child trafficking, exploitation, those are very difficult numbers to nail down because you can't go to websites and get accurate information."As a result, his office relies on what amounts to a "trial and error" approach — responding to the ads they suspect might lead them to underage girls."We've made quite a few arrests in the Southland of young girls — 13, 14, 15 years of age," he said.(Matt Hamilton)A couple days after Backpage made the switch, Dart said his officers set up a "date" with one of the women advertising on the site and confirmed she was charging for sex."We went out and arrested a person off the site," he said.