Outlaw warrior dating

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In addition, Goemon had an affair with his master’s wife, and then fled with her from Iga, after stealing some gold coins from his master.

In some versions, the woman would later be killed by Goemon, as she was being an obstacle during one of his escapes.

Thus, Goemon quit being a samurai, and began to lead the life of a thief.

Goemon is traditionally regarded to have been a student of Momochi Sandayu, one of the founders of the Iga School of ninjutsu.

In the first version, some of Goemon’s followers were eventually caught.

Under torture, these men revealed the name of their leader, thus leading to Goemon’s arrest.

Goemon and his men would also scatter some of the objects they stole amongst the people, perhaps to cause hindrance to their pursuers.

There are conflicting accounts as to whether the boy survived.

As time passes, new vengeful spirits continue to appear and their stories are told even in the present day...

Apart from a very rich mythology, Japan also has numerous histories about heroes. Walking around in fine silk and playing the flute, at first glance he seemed...

Other versions state that Goemon’s place of birth was the Iga Province, a region famous for its ninjas.

Goemon is said to have lost his parents when he was a teenager.

According to one version, Goemon’s father was a samurai by the name of Ishikawa Akashi.

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