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02-Jan-2019 19:34

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Normally only one client certificate issued by ‘Communications Server’ would appear in a standard user’s store. As covered extensively in previous articles, PIN authentication is only available on the Aries family of Lync Phone Edition devices and this method of signing into a phone using only the user’s phone number (or extension) leverages only the TLS-DSK certificate method.

Standard NTLM simply cannot be used here as there is no way for a user to key-in their full AD credentials in a format.

Max Validity Period Hours can be any integer value between 8 hours and 8760 hours (365 days). When using certificate authentication, clients can request the period of time (in hours) that the certificate remains valid.

Min Validity Period Hours represents the minimum amount of time a client can request.

Additionally the focus of this article is primarily on the Lync Phone Edition firmware which runs on the Aries family of devices (Polycom CX500/600/3000, Aastra 6721ip/6725ip, and HP/SNOM 4110ip/420ip) but also references the original Tanjay version (Polycom CX7000, LG-Nortel 8540) on a few occasions.

The following list of topics are discussed in this article.

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Although NTLM authentication needs no introduction, this new-for-Lync certificate based method is still a mystery to many.Certificate-based PIN Authentication is not supported in the Tanjay firmware release.