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31-Jul-2019 18:13

Teachers, on the other hand, often felt hard to give feedback in terms of correcting pronunciation and demonstration.

I myself have been using We Chat to send video clips to demonstrate how to pronounce, and it’s easy for students to watch it for many times.

However, I also have some concerns about disproportionately using We Chat among teachers in their teachings.

I think teachers are more or less “forced” to research how to use this app to assist students’ learning after school; however, some students may have misunderstandings that teachers are encouraging them to use cellphones a lot.

However, with We Chat, students can subscribe to teachers’ official accounts to receive instructions of how to practice pronunciation.

Students won’t feel alone during the learning process, because they know their peers are waiting for seeing/hearing their finished products.I also sometimes publish audio materials to students, testing their listening proficiency before designing new lessons.I feel that by sending answers and receiving comments immediately on We Chat, students have greater motivation to practice.Until now, I have been receiving former colleagues’ information sent by We Chat (yes, we have a Chat group for language teachers).

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Many of them share useful resource and students’ feedback on certain learning practice.Now I’ve seen many language teachers using it as an effective tool to engage students in language learning and practicing.

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