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Every day, people who are dating or in relationships where there’s unavailability or other issues, come up against hinting, you know indirectly or slightly indicating something.

In essence, we receive feedback and signals from the actions and words of our partners that let’s us know what’s up…if we’re listening and watching.

When someone keeps breaking the relationship, it’s a clue that they don’t value you and that they also feel free to leave and return.

Stop waiting for them to be nasty and say it’s definitively over – you end it!

They’re already showing you and possibly even telling you in their own airy, fairy rinky dink way that they don’t want to be with you and that they’re not going to commit!

When someone isn’t calling you, it’s a clue that…yeah, they’re not calling you, which means they’re not making the effort communication wise and are actually being disrespectful.

When they’re being nasty, controlling, manipulative, abusive etc, it’s a clue that you’re in danger and need to exit, fast.

You shouldn’t be waiting for them to put you in serious danger before you take them seriously.

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If they try to come back and press the Reset Button, it’s a sign they’re manipulative coward.

When someone is married/attached and is trying to shag you or you’re already in an affair with them, it’s a clue that not only are they avoiding commitment, but that when they experience problems, whether it’s within themselves or their relationship, that they avoid them.