Signs you are dating someone with bipolar disorder

22-Jul-2019 05:03

They're terrifying and they're dangerous (suicide risk is highest during mixed episodes because you've got suicidal thoughts and you've got the energy to act on them).

I used to get really bad mixed episodes and I didn't know what was going on — I didn't know mixed episodes were a thing so I just assumed I was losing my mind.

You can find more info from the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) here.

"After finding out, people treat me like a land mine. I'm a 16-year-old diagnosed with several mental health disorders, working as hard as I possibly can to not let the negative sides of my mental health rule my life." —Caitlin via email "We're not all misunderstood ax murderers or manic pixie dream girls.

Someone in a manic state may have racing thoughts, talk faster than normal, not sleep, or behave in impulsive, risky, or dangerous ways (like spending lots of money, having risky sex, stealing things, etc.).

A hypomanic episode is similar to a manic episode but is typically shorter and less severe.

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Sometimes a sad thing happens, and I feel sad, or a good thing happens and I get excited, but it's just being sad or excited, it's not always depression or mania.

* Bipolar II Disorder: When you experience both depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes, but without any full manic or mixed episodes.

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