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A post-mortem examination also showed that her skull had been shattered by at least 22 blows from a blunt object, later believed to be a claw hammer.

On Saturday, 24 April 1954, Olive May Bennett, 45, was seen drinking alone in the Red Horse Hotel in Bridge Street.

This does not include the approximate total of 3,000 unsolved murders in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Mary Ashford's body was retrieved from a marl pit on the morning of .

The police seemed to want the case closed rapidly and never followed any other possible leads.

One interesting element was that the previous tenant at 43 Eversfield Place when vacating the flat left behind two Indian clubs (one of which was believed to have been used to kill Queenie) and a gun.

On the night of the 1 November 1909, an intruder forced his way into the house and in the scuffle with Storrs, stabbed him 15 times.

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She had been bludgeoned to death and the only thing taken was a diamond brooch.Foster ran a successful car hire business and on returning from one journey on 7 January 1931, picked up a 26-year-old man wearing a tweed suit, overcoat and bowler hat.He assaulted Foster, threw her into the back of the cab and then covered her with a rug which he doused with petrol and set alight.The sixty-year-old stationmaster, Joseph Wilson, was shot when returning home after closing his office at the station.

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Although he did not die instantly, when questioned, Wilson was unable to communicate who had shot him.Shortly before midnight she was seen again, standing outside the hotel as the streets around her emptied.