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01-Mar-2019 12:40

Something seemed off, I when I looked I saw the girls making out! Finally I had a good justification to fuck them both without feeling any guilt!

My naked step sister set on my girlfriend’s face and she was really working on her pussy, she was sucking and licking her like a possessed woman.

The feeling of her young teen pussy spasm and pulsate around me was so good, I buried my cock deeper and deeper inside her.

That’s when the shower curtains opened up, and my naked step sister hopped in the shower with me!

I invited her back to my place after a coffee date and she just started bouncing up and down on my couch as if it was a trampoline.

(The picture shown from the link above is for the inside of the 10-gun case, which is 64 1/4" tall).… continue reading »

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From two highly acclaimed and informative documentaries, a clothing line, being a platform for stars to connect to and share things with their fans, and a future series in the works with Adult Swim -- Q has created something that can bring people together. I was thinking about all of the time I've spent travelling the world and how no matter where I went, people of all walks of life have this intense love for hip-hop.… continue reading »

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