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13-May-2019 21:46

You can configure the web server to act as a Web DAV host.For information, see the Apache HTTP Server version 2.4 documentation at To have Apache serve content over HTTP, either use one of the predefined web directories or create a web directory for that application.To create a web directory for an application, add an alias to the Copy media files to the rootinstall/applications/hd/streams/_definst_/ folder to serve them over HTTP.

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The Adobe Media Server installation of Apache is like the standard installation.

If the key database password expires, you must update it so that your ssl environment continues to function correctly.

There are two options for updating the expired key database password, from command line or using the GSKit ikeyman utility.

The following keywords are reserved words: open, close, send, idle, fcs, ams, crossdomain.xml, fpad.

Reserved words cannot be used for directory names under the webroot directory or for anything else.It looks like some of you have already figured this out (Go George go!

Get-WSUSGroup If you want to add a client into a specific group, you can run this one-liner: Get-WSUSClient boe-pc | Add-WSUSClient To Group -Group TESTGROUP Let’s verify that my client is actually in that group by using Get-WSUSClient Group Membership.… continue reading »

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