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Windows operating system for personally-owned devices is not available to faculty, staff and students through KU.However, Microsoft is currently offering free Windows 10 upgrades for existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.She adds that the technology is young enough that it doesn't yet have a legion of experts."It's still fairly new to a lot of people," she says. As the platform for workers' tasks moves from PCs and laptops to phones and tablets, demand for experts in mobile technology is rising.They're like a company's earnings report or a baseball player's statistics.They're the bottom line, the hard facts -- the trophies on the shelf.Installation Note: To avoid activation problems, uninstall any OEM version that may be on your computer prior to installing our Enterprise version.

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You also need to learn about the security aspects involved in that." In a report published this year on the IT job market, Monster Intelligence, a unit of recruiting firm Monster Inc., identified both cloud computing services and virtualization as two of the highest technology priorities for CIOs.It's no secret that IT folks need to keep their technical knowledge sharp.What can be more difficult to determine, however, is exactly which fields that knowledge should be in.IS&T downloads of Microsoft Office Enterprise activate via the MIT Network (MITnet) on campus.

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If you are off-campus, you must be connected to the MITnet via Cisco VPN at least once every 180 days to remain operational. Microsoft Office 2016 provides a comprehensive toolset for individual productivity including the tools you need to manage email and to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations—quickly and easily.IT pros that can develop mobile applications, and deploy and support mobile technologies, should be well placed.