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03-Mar-2019 15:24

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Item(Index N)) - 1), vb Information, "Empty record": Text Box Check.I came across an interesting little validation problem on my current project.As you see, it's very simple - just check the Page. Try to run the website again, and notice how the text of the button is changed if you submit a valid form. NET controls is in the order in which they fire the Lost Focus and Validate events.

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There are two ways you can work around this: [list=1] [*]You can change the default response to this message to "return to prompt dialog" and then turn off the interactive dialog. Please cancel and try again.") End If [/code] Let me know if any of that will work for you.

Text = "" Then Msg Box "Please enter " & Mid(Frm For Check.

Set Focus: Validate No Empty Fields = False End Function 'create as many form as you wish 'create label control array Label1 in each form ' write label caption that will finish with ':' for instance Address: ' create equal number of inputs for instance text boxes ' to avoid writing msg box when user missed some text box just put this to validate for instance on click event ' function will return which text box left without input with label's caption and will set focus there Set Frm For Check = Me ' will check if there are empty entries Index N = 1' this is for label array # 1, for 4 you put 4 and s.o.

We will also add a Text Box to validate, as well as a button to submit the form with.

Actually, that's all we need to test the most basic part of the Required Field Validator. Validation is only performed serverside if necessary!Kevin Rattan For related information, check out these courses from Learning Tree: Building Web Applications with ASP.