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He channels most of his nonsensical enthusiasm into making things for his Etsy shop, Artness ! You can keep up to date with him, his worldly adventures, and his dogs by following him on Instagram. Then so are your chances of impressing your boss or your girl at dinner.These ten simple tips take you from the car to the exit sign, without losing your date, your job, or ...The officer is later heard telling his supervisor Lt Steve Broderick that Winter did poorly on the tests and she refused to take a breathalyzer During the deputy's conversation with his supervisor, Broderick tells him that he knows Winter's (left) father, Ron Winter (right) 'very well'.Rachel Winter was able to call her father at the scene and he asks to speak to the deputy But her father then asks to speak to the deputy.Mr Winter currently works as a law clerk for State Supreme Court Justice Richard Kloch, Sr.He is also a member of the Niagara County District Attorney's Office.In the deputy's bodycam footage, Winter is heard telling the officer that she 'had a couple of beers at a friend's house', but said she waited long enough before getting on the road.Rachel Winter (pictured), 21, who is the daughter of well-known New York state attorney, Ron Winter, avoided getting a DWI charge despite a video that has emerged of her admitting to having 'a couple of beers' before getting behind the wheel Winter is then seen in the video performing a couple of field sobriety tests.

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If you've ever accidentally tried on a shirt intended for the opposite gender, you no doubt figured it out as soon as you tried to button the buttons.

Poehler kicked off 2017 with an appearance at the Women's March in Washington, DC on Saturday.