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Nearly all patients undergoing cardiac surgery fulfill the standard two-criteria definition of SIRS within 24 hours post surgery and more than half exhibit the three-criteria definition.SIRS Criteria characteristics: (heart rate In a retrospective observational study called the Systemic inflammatory response syndrome during cardiac surgery by Born F, Pichlmaier M, Peter S, Khaladj N, Hagl C in Kardiotechnik in 2/2014 enrolled 40 patients (n=20 without Cyto Sorb, n=20 with Cyto Sorb intra-operatively in the heart-lung bypass circuit) undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass and hypothermic cardiovascular arrest results showed a significant reduction in preventing the post-operative markers of inflammation including C-reactive protein, procalcitonin, leukocytes, fibrinogen, IL-6.Cyto Sorb is approved to remove cytokines in a billion total addressable market.Revenues of Cyto Sorb in 2014 achieved a 282% increase year over year while maintaining a 63% gross margin.Source: Yahoo Finance Cyto Sorbents recently joined the Russell Microcap Index and this seems to have caught investor's attention increasing its average daily volume traded.

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MARKET PERFORMANCE: Cyto Sorbents (NASDAQ: CTSO) uplisted to the NASDAQ in December 2014 and had upward momentum to a high of .24 on March 24, 2015 when the stock had a big sell off after it lagged quarterly estimates explained by the company as a restructuring of the company's sales force.

INVESTMENT THESIS Cyto Sorbents lead product, Cyto Sorb, is a cytokine filter that is comprised of tiny beads using pore capture and surface adsorption to remove a majority of cytokines that, in excess, can lead to life threatening conditions.